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Alessandro Safina about Glenn


Alessandro Safina


Now, exactly three years after the fatal accident, Glenn is still often on my mind. From the very first moment I met him in October 2003, there was a special bond, based on the music we made together, but also on friendly footing. We did some TV shows and concerts together but unfortunately our teamwork was only short-lived. With Glenn's passing away the world lost a magnificent and very creative musician, but above all, a wonderful person, open, reliable and warm-hearted.

It was a great pleasure working with you, Glenn. I'll never forget you, as an extraordinary musician as well as a good friend.

Me ti ricorderò per sempre... grazie per tutto, amico!

Alessandro Safina


Op de website van Alessandro Safina is een video met twee tv-optredens van hen samen geplaatst als een eerbetoon aan Glenn, klik hier.





23 augustus 2008


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