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Welcome to The Autism Link Page

On this page you will find a compilation of links to autism-related sites all over the world. Every link contains a short description of the linked site. There are categories such as "Institutions", "Associations" and "Private Homepages", and also more "label-like" categories such as "Asperger".

18th of July 2006

New URL for the Autism Link Page!! http://www.transmil.nl/alp/

Due to much other work we didn't add new links for the past year. But that will change soon! Right now we are working on a new database connected site.
On the new Autisme Link Page it will be possible to add and edit links directly, online. Just now we are testing the new features. Once the testprogram is finished - we hope to do that within a few weeks - the new database connected site will be online. So keep visiting this site! All the people who added links which are not processed will be informed by e-mail.

On the Tripodsite, probably due to interference between the Java codes on this page, and the Java-code of the Tripod popup menu in some browsers, there may be Java errors. You can click through the alert windows without any problems. Or click to our new URL.

IE 5.0 might cause problems in getting our Java-Applet button bar. You'll have to download the Multimedia Pack from Microsoft or choose "No Java Please".

Sorry for the inconvience.

All links are presented in alphabetical order within the categories.

We hope everthing works fine. If not please fill our form at the FAQ-page.

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We welcome every contribution!!!
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16th of June 2001

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